The Applied Plastics process

Since 1989 Applied Plastics Technology has been delivering genuine value and very competitive products. Our products include “tamper evident” plastic packaging containers suitable for fresh and frozen products for the food manufacturers as well as materials and supplies for industrial formulators. From 150ml to 5L, Applied Plastics has been manufacturing Agriculture Canada Food Grade approved products for several years. We use only the most suitable grade of material for each application ensuring the best quality of product possible. Our containers and lids are manufactured from either polypropylene or polyethylene and most come in a choice of high clarity, white or natural.

We also stock in large volumes to ensure JUST IN TIME deliveries thus cutting down on your inventory holding costs and avoiding you expensive and inconvenient stockouts.

The recycling initiative

We recycle all our plastic containers and media cases. This recycling initiative adds effort to our manufacturing process, but we are committed to doing what we can to protect the environment.


Applied Plastics Technology is currently in the process of acquiring their AIB, HACCP and ISO certifications. We realize the importance of these certifications in our industry and we are striving to achieve the highest standings.