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Since 1989, Applied Plastics has manufactured high quality plastic containers that are FDA and CFIA Certified, ensuring piece of mind for consumers. All containers are made from high quality North America-sourced resin (polypropylene for our clear products or polyethylene for our white or natural products).
Custom containers using the most suitable materials for each application are also manufactured for proprietary use.

applied-plastics-a-seriesSeries A
Round Tamper Evident Containers and Lids
Sturdy plastic 150 mL container
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applied-plastics-b-seriesSeries B
Square Containers with Lids
Heavy duty small 200 mL plastic container
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applied-plastics-d-seriesSeries D
Square Containers with Lids
Heavy duty 500 mL plastic containers
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Applied Plastics TechnologySeries E
Round, Tamper Evident Containers and Lids
Sturdy containers in 8 sizes (250ml to 1L)
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applied-plastics-f-seriesSeries F
Round Plastic Containers With Various Lids
Popular containers ranging from 8oz to 1L
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applied-plastics-g-seriesSeries G
Round Plastic Containers with Various Lids
Sturdy containers in 8 sizes (1L to 1.5L)
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applied-plastics-j-seriesSeries J
Round Containers With Optional Handles
Plastic containers in 5 sizes (1.5L to 2 3/4L)
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applied-plastics-k-seriesSeries K
Tamper Evident Plastic Containers
Stackable, wide opening (4L, 4.5L, and 5L)
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applied-plastics-q-seriesSeries Q
Square Containers w/Tamper Evident Lids
Large 1.5L – 2L plastic in clear or white
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applied-plastics-r-seriesSeries R
Round containers with Handle and Over-Lid
Large (4L) capacity with over-lid
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applied-plastics-s-seriesSeries S
Round Containers with Deep Skirt Lid
Clear containers with 650ml capacity
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