Series G

Applied Plastics Technology IncRound plastic containers with various lids

Series G products are round plastic containers that come in either clear or white that can hold between 1 L and 1.5 L. These high quality plastic containers come with various lids to meet your needs.


Product information about Series G containers
Product CodeDescriptionCapacityColourQty/BxOpeningHeight
CG05-1000-250-H1-C1Easy-Fill Container1 LClear2505 3/16 D3 3/8
CG01-1000-250-W1-C1Easy-Fill Container1 LWhite2505 3/16 D3 3/8
CG05-1500-250-H1-C1Container1.5 LClear2505 3/16 D4 15/16
CG05-1500-250-W1-C1Container1.5 LWhite2505 3/16 D4 15/16
LGV02-500-W1Over-Lidn/aWhite5005 5/8 D3/8
LGD05-500-H1Dry Seal Covern/aClear5005 5/8 D3/8
LGD02-500-W1Dry Seal Covern/aWhite5005 5/8 D3/8
LGT08-500-W1TE Lidn/aWhite5005 1/2 D1/2